Your Dreams of a Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoy More You-Time?

That’s easy for me to say because I’m seventy now. The current pandemic has well and truly encouraged me to do less of travel related and more of stay at home pastimes. So, I’ll mull for now on ways to live happy, healthy and longer. If you’re getting on a bit like me, but plan to live to a hundred or more, come back here now and then as I’ll be sharing ideas and tips to stay vigorous. Much Love. MikeMĀ 

Change of Surroundings

Holidays or a change of scenery are currently on hold. What’s to be done while the current lock-down is in place? You may be considering learning another language, or maybe get your electric organ out of the loft. Here’s an idea; why not get started on something that could generate an extra or replacement income to boost your pension?

Nutritious Food Cuisine

Yes of course it’s important what you eat. Did you ever hear that phrase what you eat you are? It always made sense to me. I mean what else turns into you but what you consume? Ok I’ll concede that the environment will go some way to mould you as well. Probably more so today than ever before with the barrage of radio and other wonderful waves we are constantly swimming in.

Nearly The Best Experience Ever

This video puts me in mind of my last holiday in Paphos, Cyprus. Not because the setting was anything as plush as this one, but because the sun shone a lot and my Sheila and me were enjoying a November week away from the sirens and the one eyed monster (TV).
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